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Get your Skydeck Chicago tickets and step on one of the 4 Ledges to enjoy one of the most thrilling experiences as you see Chicago from a height of 412 m through a glass floor. It is a must-see one-stop destination with Instagram-worthy experiences from the ground to the sky. Start on the bottom floor to explore the interactive museum that highlights the distinct character, history, and neighborhoods of Chicago. The highest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, the 103-storey Willis Tower, offers stunning vistas that, on a clear day, extend 50 miles and across four states. If you're feeling really brave, venture out onto The Ledge, a glass-floor balcony that protrudes 1,353 feet from the building's side and offers unrivaled vistas.

Book your tickets online in advance and go to the Skydeck, which is on the 103rd storey of the Willis Tower (previously called Sears Tower). You can explore the engaging, family-friendly exhibitions and interactive displays that highlight Chicago's history. Skydeck Theatre is an attraction that you will find inside which will inform and educate you all about the Skydeck's past. Download the Skydeck smartphone app to obtain a free viewfinder that highlights Chicago's most important landmarks that you can visit with your Skydeck Chicago Tickets.

Booking Skydeck Chicago Tickets Online

Buying Skydeck tickets of Chicago online with us is an easy and quick process that saves you from waiting in long lines at the ticket counter. We offer the best discounts and offers which makes your trip affordable and your enjoyment double. Choose the best package and deals for Skydeck Chicago tickets prices and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with your family and friends Additionally, these tickets grant you skip-the-line access, which saves you time and inconvenience. We have a number of packages that you may choose as per your preferences like Renting Skydeck Chicago and Dining at the Ledge Skydeck Chicago. 

What to expect at Skydeck Chicago?

With the pre-paid Skydeck Chicago tickets, you may visit the Skydeck on the 103rd story of the Willis Tower, previously known as the Sears Tower, which is Chicago's highest point. Enjoy panoramic views of the Chicago skyline, world-famous for its distinctive architecture. 

Discover a variety of educational exhibits for students of all ages, including touch-screen games, digital interactive floor displays, and treasure hunt. Experience an unusual view of the city from above by stepping out onto the Ledge, a glass box-like terrace that extends 4.3 feet (1.3 m) from the skyscraper. From a spectacular height of 1,353 feet, take in the towering views of popular Chicago sights including Wrigley Field, the Navy Pier, and Millennium Park (412.4 meters). Up to 50 miles (80.5 km) may be seen in the distance on a clear day. Book your Skydeck Tickets of Chicago today for the experience of a lifetime. 

Experiences at Skydeck Chicago

Dining at the Ledge Skydeck Chicago
Dining at the Ledge Skydeck Chicago

Taste the world-famous Chicago-style pizza from 103 floors up and make it a memorable family outing or a romantic date for you and your partner. After Skydeck Chicago's public hours are over, take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tables overlooking the Chicago River, Lake Michigan, and Ledge rise 1,353 feet or 103 stories in the sky. A maximum of seven tables every evening assures a genuine VIP experience.

Renting Skydeck Chicago
Renting Skydeck Chicago

The Willis Tower, a 1,450-foot-tall, 110-story architectural marvel that dominates downtown Chicago, is the second-tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere. You may opt for the dance floor and sweeping views of the lakeside and the four states that surround it. The event includes optional picture packages and VIP access to The Ledge. To experience the magic of this event get your Chicago Skydeck Tickets today.

Advantage of Booking Skydeck Chicago Tickets

  • Convenience:You can book your tickets online from the ease of your home or literally any part of the world without you actually being in the long queue of the facility. You also get the skip-the-line access with your Skydeck Tickets of Chicago which saves you a lot of time and hassles.
  • Advance Reservations: The Skydeck Chicago is receiving visitors from all over the world due to the popularity of the architecture's height, different activities that it offers, as well as the amazing dining experience. However, there is a higher possibility that tickets will sell out because there is a limited number available; booking online Chicago Skydeck tickets in advance ensures your access for the selected day.
  • Great Discounts: When you buy these tickets online, you can take advantage of great discounts and special offers on the Shedd Aquarium ticket prices, mobile vouchers. It will lower the price of your tickets which will eventually make your trip affordable.
  • Free Cancelation: Get your Chicago Skydeck tickets online without any difficulties and enjoy flexible cancellation, fast confirmation, mobile vouchers, and expert guides.If attendees reschedule their attendance within 24 hours of the event's scheduled date, they will be given a full refund for their tickets.

Know Before You Go to Skydeck Chicago

Essential Info
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Essential Info
  • Location: 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606, United States. 
  • How to Reach: By Car: 0.5 miles away from Chicago City center and just a 3-minute drive.

By Walk: You can easily walk to the tower by foot and reach the destination which is around 7 minutes from the city center.

  • Timings: Monday to Friday: From 9 am to 10 pm ,Sunday & Saturday : from 8:30 am to 10 pm.
  • Best Time to Visit: An hour before sunset is the ideal time to visit Skydeck Chicago since you can view the city's skyline in all three light levels: day, twilight, and night. The best time of year to visit Skydeck Chicago is during the winter when it's off-season and there aren't many people around, and you get the observation deck to yourself.

FAQ's of Skydeck Chicago Tickets

Do I need to book Skydeck Chicago Tickets in advance?

    Booking tickets in advance allows you to get confirmed slots on your chosen date as this is a popular destination and the tickets often get sold out quickly.Booking your tickets online from us lets you have a seamless experience along with enjoying the best Skydeck Chicago tickets prices today. 

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